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I'M NOT CUTE by NightmareLunaFan I'M NOT CUTE :iconnightmarelunafan:NightmareLunaFan 78 115
Those Words Won't Hurt You Anymore Chap3
Summary: When Eggman finally says something that makes Sonic's friends question their friendship & trust in Sonic, Sonic runs away. With Vanilla & Cream being the only ones that don't believe Eggman plus Knuckles, Rouge & Shadow left in the dark having been else where can they get Sonic & his friends back together? What does the royal family have to do with any of this?
-Misspelling as to show how a child sounds when talking
-Characters all have slight hairdos & wear clothes
-Your milage may very
"BLAH" = Talking or air quote
'BLAH' = Thinking
I'm sorry for not working on this. The reason being is that I feel depressed a lot so I get lazy, tired & get artist/writer's block. Also I have to work on trying to finish commissions. Also I have a job now that I go to on Mondays & Wednesdays.
Last worked on: December 29, 2014
Chapter 3: Because I Need You
"Maurice d
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Its okay to call me weak for this...I know I am.
but the things you are saying to me have hurt me too much.
I know what to do, and I'm strong enough to do it this time.
This is what you wanted, and this is what I want..
I will no longer be exhausted,
I will be okay now.
You can continue call me "a fucking disease" now, its okay, because I wont have to see you saying it anymore.
words hurt.. But not if you can't read them.
You can continue to call me disgusting, gross, creepy, annoying, babyish, weak, pathetic, worthless, childish, ugly, obnoxious
..Whatever you like..
But remember that I wouldnt have ever done that to you.
You can continue to bully and harass me over the few things that were keeping me alive.
Just know, that just because you do not understand what I went through as a child, and just because you don't understand my pain, that doesn't make your cruelty to me right.
I am well aware that I wasn't perfect.
I'm well aware that I was diffe
:iconrainbowbowtiekat:rainbowbowtiekat 11 0
Raffles ending on the 1st August
These are some of the raffles I've come across ending the 1/8/17, enter before they're gone! 
:iconsilvalucystar:SilvaLucyStar 1 1
Might as well spread

Seriously DA, ban this guy already....
:iconemmasvarietyarts:EmmasVarietyArts 2 9
Retrofluff (paranormal romance satire)
Made with a mad-lib thing I found:

Fluffy knew Retro was different from the other boys at school.
She noticed it the very first time she laid eyes on him—there was something about the way he ranted on YouTube . Also, he seemed to have an unusual knowledge about lawmaking. And just last Tuesday after art, she saw him repost a locked forum thread ten times in a row.
There was something else she knew: she was in love with him. But she didn't know how to win his affections, for he was always cold and distant.
One night, Fluffy was reading a DeviantArt shitpost about paranormal creatures when she realized the truth: Retro was a troll!
The next day after class, Fluffy saw Retro head off into a toaster store. ''It's now or never,'' she told herself with resignation, and skipped after him.
When she caught up to him, he was standing behind a giant statue of Winry.
''Retro, it's me, Fluffy. I... I have to tell y
:iconladytroodon:LadyTroodon 6 17
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Im recovering now. Even better news is that some of my memories have come back. Not all of them are back sadly. And even if they don't im still glad at least some of them did.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART



Im recovering now. Even better news is that some of my memories have come back. Not all of them are back sadly. And even if they don't im still glad at least some of them did.

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Hey are you feeling alright? ;_;
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Look at my journal. And yes
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Your friend mention what's going on with you and I want to say I'm sorry what your going through with this bullying.
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Oh my gosh, I love your art, it is amazing and adorable and!!!!
Sorry if this is rude to ask, but would you happen to have commissions open? I didn't see anything about it on your page....
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